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Bird Watching - Water Birds

Bird watching enthusiasts will be captivated by the abundance & diversity of the wild birds in NL. Check out some of the island's many species of gulls. Please check out Backyard Birds, Birds of Prey, and Ducks as well.

Herring gull holding a rock in its mouth as it takes flight from Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John's, NL.
Herring gull

Belted kingfisher perched in a tree overlooking Virginia Lake, St. John's, NL.
Belted kingfisher

Double crested cormorant standing on lakeside reeds with its head bowed and mouth open.
Double crested cormorant

Atlantic puffin soaring overhead in the clear blue sky at the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, NL.
Atlantic puffin

Semipalmated plover standing atop an oceanside cliff in Pouch Cove, NL.
Semipalmated plover

Ring billed gull wading in shallow water at Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John's, NL.
Ring billed gull

Common loon wading in the turquoise ocean water alongside the Pouch Cove boat launch.
Common loon

Black headed gull wading in the water at Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John's, NL.