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Newfoundland Travel Blog - Birding

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Newfoundland, Canada, is an extremely popular destination for bird watching enthusiasts. Our Atlantic coast and abundant green spaces attract a wide variety of migratory wild birds to our region. I own and operate Murray House Vacation Home in Pouch Cove and, with a large number of mature trees on the property, I see a wide assortment of wild birds on a regular basis. Seasonal changes in species are fascinating. We do have our "regulars" and have also welcomed birds rare to our region on many occasions. #birdwatching, #wildbird, #bird

A rare bird to the Newfoundland region, a red bellied woodpecker sits in a tree barren tree at Murray House Vacation Home.
Red bellied woodpecker, "rare" to our area, visiting our Murray House Vacation Home's yard

These are just a small overview of some of the birds which I have photographed at my bird feeder and in the mature trees at Murray House Vacation Home. #birding, #birdtherock, #tourismnewfoundland, #birdwatching, #nature, #wildlife, #newfoundland

This male American goldfinch with its bright yellow, black, and white breeding colors, is perched upright on a tree branch.
Male American goldfinch

Beautiful black capped chickadee, pecking at a bud in a tree at Murray House Vacation Home.
Black capped chickadee

Two northern flicker woodpeckers are perched in a barren tree outside Murray House Vacation Home on a crisp winter morning.
Yellow-shafted northern flicker woodpeckers

A blue jay adult and juvenile perch in a leafy tree, the juvenile with its mouth open and wings spread.
Adult and juvenile blue jay

Juvenile American robin standing in a grassy field with yellow flowers.
Juvenile American robin

Merlin sitting atop a telephone pole at Murray House Vacation Home, Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.

White breasted nuthatch on a limb of a tree, its head pointed downward and its gray, black, and white colors clearly discernible.
White breasted nuthatch, rare to our area, in a tree at Murray House Vacation Home.

A common grackle perched in a tree, its sleek black and blue hues contrasting with the olive color of his eyes.
Common grackle

An adult European starling feeds one of its young while a second juvenile stands in wait.
European starling feeding its young

The red colorings of the male purple finch are beautifully contrasted against the new foliage of a mature chestnut tree.
Male purple finch

In this close up profile of an American crow perched on a snow covered railing, its black markings can be clearly seen.
American crow

The male evening grosbeak's yellow headband and gold, black, and white colorings contrast against the barren Autumn branches.
Male evening grosbeak

At Murray House Vacation Home, an American Goldfinch pair sit in a tree as an indigo bunting (rare), eats from the feeder.
Indigo bunting and American goldfinch

As it nibbles on sunflower seeds at a feeding station, a male pine grosbeak was captured with its mouth full.
Male pine grosbeak

This female purple finch, its wings spread wide and feet preparing to grasp a branch of a green leaf tree.
Female purple finch

A feeding male northern flicker woodpecker snaps its mouth open defensively to ward it off another bird that had just passed.
Male northern flicker woodpecker

A male dickcissel perches on a branch of a tree, displaying its beautiful yellow and black coloring.
Male dickcissel

At the Murray House Vacation Home, this dark-eyed junco can be seen perched in a tree with its mouth open..
Dark eyed junco

As it sits in the feeding dish, the mourning dove is guarding its food supply from others.
Mourning dove