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Newfoundland Travel Blog - Middle Cove Beach

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Middle Cove Beach is a popular destination for those who wish to explore aesthetic views along Newfoundland's rugged coastline. At high sea levels, massive ocean waves impact the majestic cliffs and cause high pressure jets of sea water to spray in the air, making stunning subjects for nature photographers.

Ocean surf slams against the rocky coast of Middle Cove Beach sending high-pressure jets of sea water into the air.
Ocean waves slam into the rugged cliffs at Middle Cove Beach sending jets of high pressure sea water into the air.

Ocean wave jetting toward Middle Cove Beach and dispersing a fine mist of ocean air into the atmosphere along its course.
Large ocean wave propelling toward Middle Cove Beach and dispersing a fine ocean mist into the air along its course.

With its breathtaking natural beauty, the vast North Atlantic ocean is equally enjoyable in its peaceful moments.

A gentle retreat of green-tinged waves leaves a trail of white surf along the pathway back to the mighty North Atlantic.
The soothing sound of gentle waves caressing the beach as rocks shuffle under the movement of water is unsurpassed.

Small beach rocks are dislodged by gentle waves and returned to the sea, leaving a sandy surface.
Beach rocks are swept into the ocean with each retreating ocean wave, leaving an unblemished sandy beach behind.

Nature is all around us and waiting to be explored. These weeds growing in the sand at Middle Cove beach use large rocks as supports to protect against salty ocean currents.

Green leafed weeds growing alongside large rocks at Middle Cove Beach, Newfoundland.
The weeds on the sandy beach use the rocks as supports in order to protect themselves from the ocean currents.

The Silver Head Mine Path, part of the East Coast Trail, can be accessed from Middle Cove Beach and offers sweeping views of both the coast and tree-covered mountains.

The cliff walls of Middle Cove Beach are covered in a thick brush of evergreen trees that grow robustly in the salty air.
The cliff fronts of Middle Cove Beach are covered with a thick brush of evergreen trees.

Throughout the year, people come to enjoy, and photograph, the rugged, natural beauty of our Newfoundland coastline and ocean waves.

A photographer sits on snowy rocks to capture images of white capped ocean waves rapidly approaching Middle Cove Beach.
Wave watching is a popular pastime for visitors to Middle Cove Beach.

Informational signage and panoramic views of the beach and surrounding landscape can be appreciated by a visit to Middle Cove Beach's lookout point.

At Middle Cove Beach's lookout point, a wooden patio surrounded by aluminum fencing offers stunning views of the coastline.
A lookout point offers a panoramic view of the beach and landscape below.

A small village can be seen beyond the tree-covered cliffs and the calm ocean waters overlooking Middle Cove Beach.
Tree-covered cliffs and calm ocean waters overlooking Middle Cove Beach.

Evenings at Middle Cove Beach can also be a great place to create special moments with family and friends around a beachfront campfire.

Rocks of different shapes and sizes form the perimeter of a fire pit containing burned ashes at Middle Cove Beach.
Several large rocks surround a fire pit containing burned ashes at Middle Cove Beach.

Early in the summer, thousands of small fish (capelin) roll ashore to spawn along Newfoundland's coastline, including Middle Cove Beach. This seasonal occurrence draws large crowds who come to witness the event and to collect the capelin to use as food or crop fertilizer. The tiny fish that escape being collected ultimately die on the rocks.

Countless capelin wash ashore at Middle Cove Beach where they lay dying amongst kelp on beach rocks.
Capelin lay dying amongst kelp after rolling ashore to spawn on the beach rocks.

Fresh capelin is also a favorite food of whales and, as these amazing mammals chase the capelin ashore, they can often be seen at close range. This minke whale was seen swimming only a few feet away from the coastline at Middle Cove Beach.

Minke whale surfacing close to shore at Middle Cove Beach.
Minke whale surfacing near the coastline at Middle Cove Beach. Can you see it looking at me as I snap its picture?

A trip to Newfoundland's east coast just wouldn't be complete without a visit to Middle Cove Beach. I usually visit there several times a year and, each time, am moved by its natural beauty. I'm sure you will agree that Middle Cove Beach is a must-see destination to include on your Newfoundland travel itinerary. Please follow my Newfoundland Travel Blog to see my work on some other popular tourist attractions in eastern Newfoundland. I'd be delighted to hear from you so why not contact me today?

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