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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Many of us spend years "chasing the dream" in our 9 to 5 jobs. This was certainly the case for me but, after my retirement, I saw that life had more possibilities than previously imagined. As a lover of nature and owner of a small vacation rental in Pouch Cove, I often explore the outdoors, take photos, and share my experiences with guests in order to help them plan their vacation. This is my photo collection from my East Coast Trail hiking experiences. #eastcoasttrail, #hiking, #newfoundland

Sun filtering through a forest clearing on the East Coast Trail illuminating the grassy banks of the logged footpath.
Enjoy the natural beauty of sunlight filtering through trees and illuminating the moss covered banks along the East Coast Trail.

With some of the most breathtaking hiking trails in the world, outdoor enthusiasts worldwide travel to Newfoundland to experience the adventures of a lifetime. #hikingtrail, #hiking, #outdoor, #oceanview, #nature, #naturephotography

There is a panoramic view of the sea and rugged coastline from a clifftop bordered by small trees.
The clifftop provides a panoramic view of the vast ocean and rugged coastline.

See the natural beauty along the east coast trail as you hike the rugged coastal paths through dense forest, towering cliffs, and deep valleys. #eastcoasttrail, #hiking, #hikingtrail, #coast

A rugged footpath leads through dense forest along Biscan Cove's hiking trail.
Hike the rugged East Coast Trail through densely packed forest.

Along the east coast trail, the barren limbs of this coniferous tree circle toward the ground in a unique shape.
While hiking along Newfoundland's east coast trail, enjoy amazing nature views, like this uniquely shaped tree.

With its rugged coastline, Newfoundland's tree-topped cliffs abound with red and brown colors derived from mineral deposits.
The Newfoundland coastline has massive tree-topped cliffs infused with red and brown colors from mineral deposits.

Stairs leading up the side of a grass covered cliff toward the summer blue sky.
Hike stairs leading up a grass-covered cliff face toward the blue summer sky.

An early morning mist dissipates atop large boulders on the coast of Flatrock, Father Troy hiking trail.
Mist dissipating in the early morning air along the rocky footpath leading to The Beamer, Flatrock.

The East Coast Trail hiking paths have natural footpaths, including this rocky stretch that extends to "The Beamer" along the Father Troy trail in Flatrock. #naturephotography, #outdoor, #thebeamer, #fathertroytrail, #eastcoasttrail. #flatrock

As hikers descend these log stairs, they will arrive at a viewpoint offering a breathtaking view of the North Atlantic ocean.
Hikers can descend these steep log stairs for a closer connection with oceanic views.

Each path has amazing lookout points, many of which are located down a log staircase with close views of the ocean's edge. #footpath, #coast, #oceanedge

Tree-covered cliffs connect the coastline of Newfoundland with the vast ocean, offering a captivating view.
You can enjoy panoramic views of the open sea as you stand atop this cliff on Newfoundland's east coast trail.

Hike the trails and learn about the history of the area. This landmark is "Horrid Gulch" and is found along the Biscan Cove Path in Pouch Cove. It has a sad history as it is the location of the Waterwitch naval disaster of 1875. #gulch, #mountain, #tree, #cliff, #coast, #pouchcove, #oceanview

Tall rocky cliff at the edge of the ocean along the east coast trail in Newfoundland.
Stand at the edge of world on this cliff along the east coast trail in Flatrock.

Be sure to enjoy your away from it all hiking experience and to take the opportunity to save your precious memories in photographs. A word of caution, however: Hiking should be a planned adventure and is always best done with a partner. Proper clothing, footwear, and snacks are recommended. Please follow my Newfoundland Travel Blog to see my work on some other popular tourist attractions in eastern Newfoundland. I'd be delighted to hear from you so why not contact me today?

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