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Updated: Jul 29

Many people plan a visit to Newfoundland to see the annual Capelin Roll. What is it and what is all the excitement about? #capelinroll #capelin #newfoundland #newfoundlandtradition

Capelin, small silvery fish in the smelt family, arrive on the coast of Newfoundland in the summer to spawn. They usually arrive between mid-June through mid-July and can be seen for a period of about one week washing ashore in the hundreds. It is common to see a greater presence of whales and other ocean mammals closer to shore during the capelin roll as these creatures chase the capelin as a food source.

There is a common belief among Newfoundlanders that the weather is usually cold and damp a few days before the capelin arrive. This may just be coincidental and it is clearly not always the case. However, most Newfoundlanders love a good yarn and weather is one of the favourite topics of discussion. #newfoundlandweather #weather #capelinscull

In response to the arrival of the capelin, social media posts and word of mouth generate excitement, and people flock to local beaches in large numbers to catch and bring the fish home. Capelin is used primarily for food and soil fertilizer. #capelin #peoplecatchingfish #fish #newfoundlandtradition

Some people use dipnets to capture the small fish ...

Some use larger nets ...

Others, particularly the young, use their play pail and their bare hands to scoop up fish when they come within reach.

As many Newfoundlanders enjoy Jiggs Dinner (salt meat and vegetables), many people have a collection of salt beef buckets. When people bring fish home, they usually use a salt beef bucket to do so.

The capelin roll in Newfoundland is one of the natural events that people look forward to every year. I do not like the taste of capelin but enjoy the social atmosphere that the capelin roll creates. If you are in Newfoundland during the capelin roll, I strongly recommend you drop by and check it out! Please continue to follow my page and reach out to me if you would like to learn more.

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