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Newfoundland Travel Blog - Downtown St. John's

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

As the owner of a small vacation rental in Pouch Cove, I often explore various "hot-spots" in Newfoundland, capture photo memories, and share my experiences with guests in order to help them plan their vacation. This is my downtown St. John's experience.

There is a line of cars on both sides of the street in front of these three-story homes in downtown St. John's.
Downtown St. Johns is considered the old area of the city.

The historic and cultural flair of downtown St. John's makes it a popular destination for visitors to eastern Newfoundland. Downtown St. John's is considered to be the older part of the city. Water Street, for instance, is the oldest street in North America. For those wanting to experience the downtown district, I recommend doing so on foot as there are a limited number of parking spaces available. Also, many streets are narrow and intended for one-way traffic which can be confusing for someone not familiar with the area. #oldstjohns, #attachedhouse, #downtowndistrict #streetsidehouse

These attached houses in hues of of blue, yellow, red, and green are collectively called Jellybean Row houses.
Jellybean Row Houses in downtown St. John's.

Downtown St. John's is quite popular for its iconic Jellybean Row houses. Interesting enough, there is no one district known as Jellybean Row. Rather, these colorful, attached-style houses are found in many areas. #jellybeanrow, #attachedhouse, #downtown, #stjohns, #newfoundland

Gower Street United Church is a heritage structure in downtown St. John's built with red bricks and Romanesque style construction.
Gower Street United Church, downtown St. John's.

During your adventure in downtown St. John's, I recommend exploring the amazing old buildings in the area such as the Gower Street United Church, a heritage structure built with red bricks in Romanesque style construction. #gowerstreetunitedchurch, #church, #oldarchitecture, #nationalhistoricsite

Outdoor lighting welcomes visitors to the pubs and restaurants lining both sides of the brick footpath along George Street.
George Street, renowned for culturally rich pubs and restaurants spanning two city blocks.

Be sure to take time to enjoy a meal or a drink at one of the establishments along George Street. This district is renowned for its two blocks of culturally rich restaurants and pubs. For those inclined, most bars can perform a "screech-in" (a fun ceremony in which participants are instructed to repeat fun Newfoundland sayings, kiss a fish, and take a shot of screech in order to gain a certificate as an honorary Newfoundlander). #georgestreet, #screechin, #newfoundlandscreech

Take time to enjoy the outdoor concerts on George Street's outdoor stage during summer months (check for schedule). #georgestreet #outdoorconcert #familyfun #newfoundland

Musicians set up their musical equipment on red picnic tables along the pedestrian mall on Water Street, St. John's.
Busker station at the pedestrian mall, downtown St. John's.

If visiting during the summer season, be sure to visit the outdoor pedestrian mall on Water Street. Vendors and restaurants line the streets to welcome patrons to purchase their wares as buskers provide outdoor entertainment. #outdoorentertainment, #outdoor, #busker, #pedestrianmall, #waterstreet

Statues of the St. John's war memorial are beautifully contrasted under the veil of a dark blue summer sky.
St. John's war memorial honors Newfoundlanders who fought in wars without recognition by Confederation.

See some of the other popular attractions in downtown St John's area such as the St. John's war memorial, #warmemorial, #stjohns, #tourismnl, #explorenl

A Canadian flag flutters in the wind near a tall tree aside Harbourside Park's information center, downtown St. John's.
Harbourside Park overlooks St. John's harbour in downtown St. John's.

Harbourside Park (the location of the free lunchtime concerts over the summer season), #harboursidepark, #tourismnewfoundland, #outdoorentertainment

A statue of Terry Fox stands in front of an inspiring quote at the Terry Fox memorial site.
Terry Fox memorial site, downtown St. John's, Newfoundland.

and the Terry Fox memorial site at 0 Water Street. #terryfox, #terryfoxmemorial, #waterstreet

Several downtown St. John's businesses and homes frame this image of a submarine docked at a wharf at St. John's harbour.
Submarine docked next to the wharf in St. John's harbour.

Families will enjoy the opportunity to see boats, large ships, and even an occasional submarine at the docks along the harbourfront. #boat, #ship, #submarine, #ocean, #oceanview, #newfoundland

Panoramic view of downtown St. John's and St. John's harbour as seen from The Rooms.
Panoramic view of downtown St. John's and St. John's harbour as seen from The Rooms.

I'm sure you will agree that downtown St. John's is an interesting place to visit during your holiday in Newfoundland. Please follow my Newfoundland Travel Blog to see my work on some other popular tourist attractions in eastern Newfoundland. I'd be delighted to hear from you so why not contact me today?

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