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Newfoundland Travel - Newman's Wine Vault

For those planning a Newfoundland travel experience, why not include a trip to Newman's Wine Vault, the province's only historic wine cellar? #newmanswinevault #heritagebuilding #tourismnl #explorenl

The building, constructed of brick and stone, dates back to the 1700's and is one of the oldest surviving structures in St. John's, Newfoundland. #oldestbuilding #concretebuilding #oldstructure #newfoundland #newmanwinevaults

The history of the wine vault is quite interesting and a testimony that not all accidents are bad. You see, Newfoundland had not been on the radar of port wine producers until an unplanned stop-over resulted in an accidental discovery! #newmanwinevaults #newfoundland #stjohns

The year was 1679 and a boat loaded with port wine set out from Portugal toward London. A series of events resulted in the boat diverging its path to St. John's, Newfoundland, where weather conditions delayed the overseas voyage until after the winter. #newmanswinevault #wine #portwine #newfoundlandhistory

The weather cleared and the ship containing port wine continued its journey to London. Upon its arrival, it was discovered that the wine had an enhanced flavour, something that was attributed to the climate in St. John's. #newmanswinevault #historicsite #newfoundlandhistory #wine #tourismnl #explorenl

As a result, the wine producers made the decision to age their product in St. John's. This accidental discovery resulted in the birth of Newman's wine vault. #newmanswinevault

#winecellar #newfoundlandhistory #newfoundland #tourismnl

A part of Newfoundland history and culture, Newman's wine vault offers amazing ambience in one of the province's oldest buildings and is a great place to visit. Please follow my Newfoundland Travel Blog to see my work on some other popular tourist attractions in eastern Newfoundland. I'd be delighted to hear from you so why not contact me today?

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