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Newfoundland Travel - Short Coastal Hikes

Newfoundland travel itineraries often involve connecting with nature and admiring the province's natural beauty. Taking a hike along one of the many coastal hiking trails certainly helps you achieve this. Physical endurance and time constraints, however, limit some people's ability to complete a full hike. For those people, might I suggest a quick stroll close to the entrance to the trailhead? Here is a glimpse of a thirty minute walk along one such area, the Father Troy trail in Flatrock. #eastcoasttrail #coastal #aesthetic #ocean #oceanview #nature #hiking

This is a directional sign posted on a large boulder along the path of Father Troy Trail in Flatrock, Newfoundland. #eastcoasttrail #hiking #newfoundland #explorenl

This shortened hike involves walking along a section of the Father Troy trail along the sloped, rocky landscape on the Flatrock coastline. It offers amazing views of Newfoundland's rugged shore, vast open ocean, and the distant horizon. It is common to see sea birds, ravens, and raptors soaring overhead. In season, whales can be seen in close proximity to the coast. #horizon #ocean #oceanview #slope #vegetation #coastal #newfoundland

Along your journey, you will see a concrete bunker concealed within the rugged landscape overlooking the coast. This man-made structure served a purpose in defending the coast from enemy ships during times of war. Isn't it amazing how well the structure is camouflaged by the natural terrain on which it was built? #bunker #newfoundland #ocean #concretebunker #eastcoasttrail #warstructure

This is a side view of the concrete bunker found close to "The Beamer". #concretebunker #bunker #newfoundland #newfoundlandtravel

Here, you can see the edge of the earth at the far end of "The Beamer". I would not recommend those with physical challenges continuing to the beamer as the trek involves maneuvering past huge boulders on an undefined path. #thebeamer #newfoundland #boulders #ocean

Along the journey, see beautiful panoramic views of the coastal community of Flatrock, Newfoundland. #flatrock #newfoundland #panoramic #coastalcommunity

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