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Bowring Park

Bowring Park, St. John's, Newfoundland, offers appeal to all ages. It has a beautiful walking trail, children's play areas, swimming pool, war memorials, labyrinth, amiptheater, and so much more. One of the family fun attractions is a visit to one of two duck ponds which always seems to have a vast array of ducks and other water loving birds eager to receive a treat from people who visit the pond.

A waterfall flows over a rocky slope at Bowring Park, NL, draped by yellow Autumn leaves.
Enjoy beautiful Newfoundland scenery along the family friendly nature walk at Bowring Park.

Bowring Park Veteran Memorials

The Caribou Monument, Beaumont Hamel Plaque, and The Fallen Newfoundlander Statue are three memorials on display at Bowring Park in St. John's. Each of these commemorative monuments pay tribute to the sacrifices of WW1 servicemen. The Caribou Monument is privately located in a forest clearing next to a small waterfall and is one of the statues in the trail of the Caribou. The Beaumont Hamel plaque, an exact replica of a plaque in France, is found just feet beyond the Caribou statue and displays the names of fallen servicemen whose final resting place was not known. The Fighting Newfoundlander statue is found in a clearing on the other side of the main footpath and pays tribute to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the human sacrifices of "the Blue Puttees" during the Battle of the Somme (Battle of Beaumont Hamel) in France.

The Caribou Statue at Bowring Park stands atop a cliff surrounded by mature trees.
The Caribou Statue at Bowring Park is a veterans memorial for fallen WW1 soldiers.

Draped by climbing vine, the Beaumont Hamel plaque at Bowring Park pays tribute to fallen WW1 servicemen whose final resting place was unknown.
The Beaumont Hamel plaque at Bowring Park honors fallen servicemen whose final resting place was unknown.

In Bowring Park, NL, there is a statue of "The Fighting Newfoundlander" which depicts a soldier, dressed in a combat uniform, holding a gun in one hand and a grenade in the other.
The fighting Newfoundlander statue at Bowring Park is a tribute to the sacrifices of "The Blue Puttees" during WW1.

Bowring Park's Nature Walk and Popular Exhibits

As you walk the nature trail around Bowring Park, you will encounter different exhibits of public interest including a horse trough, the Bowring Park bell, the Peter Pan statue, the labyrinth, the Cabot 500 ampitheatre, the Connaught stone, the Canterelle bridge, and the Bowring Park greenhouse. Follow the Bowring Park map to ensure you get to see all areas of interest.

Mature trees with Autumn foliage form the outer edges of both sides of a river. A wooden bridge overlooking a small waterfall is seen in the distance.
Enjoy a nature walk in Bowring Park, NL.

Horse Trough

See the horse watering trough, originally located on Water Street, that was used to provide water for work horses during the nineteenth century. As work horses became less common, the trough was relocated and placed on display at Bowring Park.

A red horse trough is located along the Bowring Park footpath surrounded by freshly fallen yellow leaves.
A 19th century horse trough is located on the main walking path along Bowring Park's nature walk.

The Bowring Park Bell

The Bowring Park bell was originally used to let v