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Concert Cruise

Iceberg Quest concert cruise offers a unique, family fun, NL adventure. Enjoy lively tunes & amazing views cruising St. John's coastline. Friendly hosts provide interesting details about wildlife and points of interest in the area at the start of the cruise.

Iceberg Quest Boat Tour staff welcome guests on a daytime concert cruise
Iceberg Quest Boat Tour staff welcome guests on a daytime concert cruise

The music begins and toe tapping fun soon follows! Sing along to the tunes you know while

enjoying the beauty of raw nature and the freedom it creates. Feel the invigorating snap of ocean water spraying your skin. This Newfoundland travel experience is truly amazing!

An orange offshore supply vessel is docked in St. John's harbour alongside NL coast and the cliff houses of "The Battery".
See the cliff houses of The Battery and large ships tied to the wharf as you leave dock and head toward open sea.

Entering St. John's harbour, Fort Amherst, with its rugged landscape, lighthouse, WW2 bunker and guns can be seen to the left.
View Fort Amherst's landscape, lighthouse, & WW2 props as the tour boat returns to dock St. John's harbour.

The Queen's Battery sits high atop the rugged cliffs of Signal Hill, NL.
As you pass through the narrows, see WW2 props of the Queen’s Battery high atop the massive cliffs of Signal Hill.

The oceanside cliff houses of The Battery are built in the rocky cliffs at Signal Hill, NL.
See the oceanside cliff houses erected on Signal Hill as the tour boat passes close to the shores of The Battery, NL.

As you gaze into the vast expanse of open sea and rugged coastline, keep your eyes open for icebergs, whales, dolphins, sea birds, and other aquatic wildlife that commonly enter our north Atlantic waters in season.

This humpback whale breaches to the left, spraying ocean water as it begins its descent back into the ocean.
Hope to see a humpback whale breaching in the open seas.

Returning to port toward St. John's harbour, we pass through "The Narrows" at the base of Signal Hill and get a close view of the cliff houses along the Battery, the boats docked along the wharf of St. John's harbour, and a panoramic view of downtown St. John's, NL.

With a panoramic view of downtown St. Johns in the background, the Canadian coast guard is seen docked in St. John's harbour.