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Newfoundland Travel Blog - Quidi Vidi Village

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

A visit to Quidi Vidi Village, one of the oldest fishing villages in North America, is highly recommended for anyone planning a trip to eastern Newfoundland. Sheltered from the hectic pace of her parent city, St. John's, this small community of about 800 people offers a nostalgic step back in time sensation. Friendly residents, aesthetic views, and a culturally rich community are just a few things that you could expect to find at Quidi Vidi Village. #quidividi, #newfoundland, #fishingvillage

Stilt houses in the picturesque fishing village of Quidi Vidi Village sit at the base of cliffs covered in autumn foliage.
These colorful stilt houses in Quidi Vidi Harbor sit at the base of enormous cliffs covered with autumn foliage.

A bank of low lying fog prepares to settle over houses on a narrow roadway leading into Quidi Vidi Village.
The narrow roads and distant cliffs of Quidi Vidi Village are shrouded by low-lying fog.

Exploring the neighborhood on foot is recommended as the streets are quite narrow and offer little opportunity to stop and appreciate the views. The majority of homes have very little frontage and their entrances open directly onto the street.

Fresh linen hanging on a clothesline in front of a grass covered hill. An artfully decorated blue building sits nearby.
Adjacent to a blue building in Quidi Vidi Village, clothes hung on a clothesline flaps in the wind.

As you walk along the road, you are immediately impressed by rustic charm as you pass houses with clothes hung on clotheslines and hand crafted decor embellishing front lawns. #rustic

A white and yellow fishing boat are dry docked, bottom up, on the boat launch next to the Quidi Vidi Plantation.
Fishing boats docked at the boat launch next to the Quidi Vidi Plantation.

A stop by the Quidi Vidi Plantation welcomes visitors to watch talented artisans creating unique handiwork which is offered for sale. What a perfect place to pick up a personalized memento from your visit to "the rock"! There are fishing boats tiered along the wharf, beyond which one can appreciate amazing ocean and coast views. #quidividiplantation, #artisan, #oceanview, #coast

Lobster pots and other fishing gear are stored by a pink parkbench overlooking stilt houses on the far side of the harbour.
On a gravel walkway across from Quidi Vidi harbour, colorful stilt houses rest at the base of magnificent cliffs.

The unique architecture of colorful stilt houses at the foot of magnificent cliffs is a popular subject for photographers trying to capture the atmosphere of a small fishing village.

Fishing equipment is often seen outside the homes and boats are anchored to the private wharfs. It remains a mystery to me how the log framework continues to support the weight of these fishing homes built on the ocean just a few feet above sea level. #cliff, #fishingvillage, #boat, #fishinghome

Lighting from the Quidi Vidi Brewing company casts a reflective glow atop the ocean surface in this small fishing village.
An aquatic landscape bordered by magnificent cliffs dominates the landscape of Quidi Vidi Village.

At the harbor entrance, the Quidi Vidi Brewing Company is at work preparing ale made from icebergs! Quidi Vidi Brewery, constructed from a former fish plant, is the province’s largest microbrewery. Community events, including Newfoundland kitchen parties and screech-ins, are hosted at the brewery. #quidividibrewery, #fishplant, #microbrewery, #screechin, #newfoundland, #kitchenpart

Hiking the East Coast Trail through marshlands, berry-rich shrubs, and tall grass leading toward tree covered cliffs.
This section of the East Coast Trail in Quidi Vidi is surrounded by marshlands, berry-rich shrubs, and tall grass.

For those inclined, there is an access to an amazing hiking path along the cliffs of Quidi Vidi Village. From the trail, hikers will be treated to beautiful coastal, ocean, and community views. Avid birders will be motivated to identify the many species of song birds, raptors, and seabirds in the area. #hiking, #eastcoasttrail, #birder, #birding, #seabird, #songbird, #raptor

Newfoundland's Quidi Vidi Village, a fishing community with stilt houses and wharfs for boats, is an example of a traditional fishing community.
Bird's eye view of Quidi Vidi Village from atop the cliff on the hiking trail.

A trip to Newfoundland's east coast just wouldn't be complete without a visit to Quidi Vidi Village. I usually visit there several times a year and, each time, am moved by its natural beauty and rich historical presence. I'm sure you will agree that Quidi Vidi Village is a must-see destination to include on your Newfoundland travel itinerary. Please follow my Newfoundland Travel Blog to see my work on some other popular tourist attractions in eastern Newfoundland. I'd be delighted to hear from you so why not contact me today?

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