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Visiting Signal Hill

Signal Hill, Newfoundland, is a popular tourist attraction for both its aesthetic beauty and its historical significance. Spectators standing atop Signal Hill's 144 meter high cliffs will experience amazing panoramic views of the ocean, horizon, and Newfoundland coastline. Signal Hill has earned its title as a national historic site because of the crucial role it played in North America's military defense as well as its importance in the advancement of wireless communication under Marconi in 1901.

Cabot Tower, Signal Hill, Newfoundland.
Cabot Tower, Signal Hill, Newfoundland

Enjoy ocean, coastal, and horizon views from atop the 144 meter high cliffs of Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Canada

Parks Canada staff, dressed as a 19th century soldier and holding a musket, is looking out to sea from the clifftops of Signal Hill, Newfoundland.
Take time to consider the significant role that Signal Hill played in North America's military history.

Signal Hill Military History

Even before confederation, Newfoundland's geographic location along North America's eastern border enabled it to play an important role in the military defense of both Canada and the United States. During WW2, both countries positioned troops at vital locations along Newfoundland's coastline, including Signal Hill, to defend against naval attack. Many old war relics remain on the cliffs of Signal Hill as reminders of the contributions it made during WW2. The military props also create amazing photo opportunities. Follow this link to see more information about the military history of Signal Hill which I provide in a separate blog.

Signal Hill: Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower, built in the late 1800's, is an iconic landmark that sits atop the massive cliffs of Signal Hill, Newfoundland. Its interior, with a narrow, winding stairway and thick casement windows, captures the essence of its late 1800's archaeological design. Entering Cabot Tower, you will immediately encounter a Newfoundland theme gift shop which is an ideal place to shop for keepsakes of your time in Newfoundland. Upper levels of Cabot Tower showcase cultural and historic artifact and provide an access point to the rooftop and the flagpole station.

Under a veil of blue summer sky, the iconic Cabot Tower sits high on the cliffs of Signal Hill, Newfoundland.
Cabot Tower is an iconic landmark and historic site located at Signal Hill, Newfoundland.

Cabot Tower, Newfoundland, interior, with its narrow staircase and thick window casings  capture the essence of its late 1800's archaeological design.
Cabot Tower, Newfoundland, maintains its late 1800's construction design

Signal Hill: Cabot Tower Flag Communication in the 19th Century

Cabot Tower's flagmen played an important in role in facilitating communication between land and sea during the 19th century. Before air and road travel, all goods coming into NL arrived by merchant ships. Each ship bore an identifying character for the company it represented (much like company logos do today). The flagman atop Ca